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Artists Inspired

Apr 2, 2019

British artist Serena work is based in performance, sculpture and sound. Nicola met her in her studio to discuss Artist Inspired choices and learn more about the themes that make up Serena’s practice. 

This includes her participatory work with communities, an interest in the paranormal, the Occult, historical sound mirrors and portals to the underworld. All underlined with Serena’s belief everything in the universe is connected. 

2019 is a very busy year for Serena. Her forthcoming projects include

Flag commission at Somerset House which opens April 16th titled 

“Khaos Spirit” 

A new film piece: ‘Zuben Elgenubi’  opening September 2019 in ‘The Mariner’ at Plymouth University 

GÄA: Holistic science and Wisdom Tradition at the Newlyn Exchange. Currently on until May 2019


Further Reading

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