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Artists Inspired

Jan 23, 2019

Hungarian painter Tamas Jovanovics chatted with Nicola on his recent trip to London about his five artist inspired choices and how for different reasons they have influenced his own works, from monumental public installations to intimate gallery shows. In particular how Tamas creates his mesmerizing horizontal line paintings using coloured pencil. Here, illusionistic spaces are created moving beyond the wall. 

Tamas is currently in the show ‘GameOmetry’ in the Vasarely Museum/ Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary until 28 February 2019. 

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Guest Information:

Instagram: @tjovanovics


Further research: 

Sol Le Witt Wall drawing in Tate Modern 2000

A Wall Divided Vertically into Fifteen Equal Parts, Each with a Different Line Direction and Colour, and All Combinations 1970, color pencil on wall

 Andrea Pozzo - Sant Ignazio nave and dome ceiling fresco, after 1685,_Rome#Frescoes_of_Andrea_Pozzo


Esther Stocker installations


Francois Morellet solo show Galleria A Arte Invernizzi in Milan 2005


Zsigmond Károlyi, Municipal Art Gallery Paks, Hungary