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Artists Inspired

Dec 14, 2018

In this extended podcast episode multi-media British artist  Kate Daudy talks about the artists who have inspired her from East to West and spanning thousands of years between them. Kate talks us through why words and language are such a huge part of her work, why she became an artist and how she uses objects to better understand the world around her. We discuss her use of felt as a medium and the time she spent in refugee camps working on a project about home and identity.


Guest Information:

Kate Daudy

Instagram: @katedaudystudio


Further Research:

To find out more about the artists mentioned today please visit: -  Han Gan Night Shining White. Chinese Painting c750  - Trolleyology. The first ten years of Trolley books, 2013 - Ragnar Kjartansson/ A lot of Sorrow, 2013 - Carnac Stones. Brittany dating from 4000BC – 1944)  - Hilma AF Klint (1862- 1944)