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Artists Inspired

Nov 2, 2018

In episode 2 of this series, Nicola Blake taps into the artistic mind of painter Lee Matthews, whose work has been exhibited and collected internationally. 

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Lee visited her first ‘inspirational’ exhibition at the age of 12. As she discusses the impact this show had on her, she points out that collectively it has been the museum experience which has influenced her, as much as the art itself. From colourful Pop Art to the masculinity of art in the 1950’s and 60’s, Lee uncovers her five chosen artists and reveals to what extent they have influenced her work and why. Observe the similarities she highlights between herself and these artists and why she has such an admiration for their beliefs and approach to life, as well as their artwork. 

Understand Lee’s candid views on art’s place in education today.  Is the teaching too rigid? Should it be more about process than product?

Lee discusses her life’s work to date, the role of motherhood and how she and a fellow artist came up with the idea for their first book, coming soon.


Guest Information: 

Instagram: @lee.mattthews


Further Research:

To find out more about the artists mentioned today please visit; - Roy Lichtenstein, American Pop Artist (b1923 - 1997) - Lucien Freud, British Painter (b1922 - 2011) - Lee Bontecou, American Artist (b1931 - date) - Alice Neel, American visual Artist (b1900 -1984) - Chuck Close, American Painter, artist and photographer (b1940  - date)