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Artists Inspired

Sep 21, 2018

In episode one of this new podcast series, Nicola Blake explores the creative vision and expression of performance artist, Carali McCall.  

Join them as Carali delivers a comprehensive analysis of the works by five artists who have inspired her throughout her life and career.  Born in 1981 Ontario, Canada, Carali reflects on the early influences in her life and how they have been woven into the physical and emotional journey that has led to her innovative artistic achievements.  Recognise the importance of running in Carali’s life, how it has influenced her directly and been at the core of her performance and drawing.  Discover what drew her to her choice of artists, as she highlights similarities between their work.

Carali is probably most well known for her Circle Drawings, which she has been performing since 2004, in which she expresses her unconventional notion of drawing through the use of various different mark making materials. From rural Canada, where she would ‘roll up a piece of paper’ and pop it in her backpack, to becoming a Jerwood Drawing Prize finalist, planning her latest ambitious running project in London. Enjoy Carali’s journey and those who have inspired her along the way. 


Guest Information:


Twitter: @CaraliMcCall

Book Performance Drawing - New Practices Since the 1960s (2019) Co Author.


Further Research:

To find out more about the artists mentioned today please visit; - Janet Cardiff - Whispering Room 1991

Barry Le Va - Impact Run - 1969 - Available to view on - Up to and Including Her Limits 1973-6 - One Second Sculpture 1969  - Running the Gallery  Work no. 850, 2008